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Air+Port Asia serves with a mission


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of being global but acting local. This is reflected by the fact that we do not have a traditional "Headquarter", but our offices are where the majority of our clients and vendors is located, in Europe and South East Asia.

We are a group of senior engineers with passion. And a pro- fessional background in Airforce and Navy. Having hands on experience in Sea- and Air-Port projects. As well as engineering, project management and operational services. Air+Port Asia is not the usual Principal-Agent setup.

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Lorry gate OCR


Quay crane OCR

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Because we experienced one key fact for years working in the field:

If one has only a hammer, everything looks like a nail!

In the global competetive environment of today - the user needs more than the “one trick pony” - trying to force the project solution to the products in the portfolio of pricinpals. Not focussing enough whether it’s compliant to the clients spec or needs! Instead APA takes a close look at the user’s requirements - to find the right vendor and tailor a bespoke solution.

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Rail mounted gantry crane


Ship-to-shore crane

prime mover

And after analysing our clients problems - we search in our network of manufacturers and high-tech system suppliers the right vendor - whether from Europe - USA or Asia... combining the international expertise very often with an cost effective local (made in Asia) workbench!

As the matchmaker for sourcing and coordination of supplier teams, the APA project manager is assigned to the specific industry; either for Sea- or for Airport operations. Our policy is to deliver a total system solution of highest technical standard, reliability and efficiency.

airport crash tender

Prime mover / terminal tractor


Airport crash tender


Once a contract is received, the dedicated order processing contract manager takes over to ensure smooth and efficient supervision of the production process, shipment, and arrangements for the installation and commissioning of the equipment in co- operation with suppliers and our clients.

Following the successful commissioning of the equipment at the customer's site our spare parts team is available to ensure quick supply of spare parts.

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Convert upper truck structures


Helicopter refuelling


It is our understanding that our responsibility for the purchased systems never ends. Furthermore,Air+Port Asia Germany takes also care of buyers whenever they visit Europe.

We organise and, if useful, also accompany them to their suppliers's premises, as well as to reference sites.

Our major area of expertise and customer base is in the field of:

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Racking & shelving


Aircraft ground HVAC System AGES


- Port cranes
- Prime movers / terminal tractors
- Conversion of upper truck structures
- Warehouse systems racking & shelving
- Passenger bridges for sea- and airports-
- Gate, Container and Prime mover recognition systems
- Automated driverless vehicles for in & outside applications
- Warehouse equipment incl. (automated) truck & cranes
- Single & double stack trailers for up to 40 foot containers


Cruise terminal passenger bridge


Airport passenger bridge

frog agv

- Automatic waste processing - river cleaning equipment
- Firefighting trucks & airport crash tenders
- Airplane & Helicopter refuelling equipment
- Aircraft ground support equipment
- Frangible masts & shelters

Spanning from Europe across Southeast-Asia, Air+Port Asia Pte.Ltd. bridges the gap between West & East, bringing together our knowledge and expertise to serve (y)our customers with the technology of the world.

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Automated guided vehicle


Driverless autonomous vehicle



airport masts

Refueller Shell

Double stack container trailer

River & canal cleaning

Frangible masts

Aircraft refuelling tanker


Air+Port Asia Pte.Ltd.
Singapore office
#15 Mugliston Park
798529 Singapore
Phone : +65.8876.6820

Email: singapore(at)airportasia(dot)biz

frangible shelter

Aircraft tire changer vehicle


Frangible shelter for ILS